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  • admin February 10, 2021 Sliding Banners
  • Kev February 11, 2021 Yep, like this. We need to know how to build these and implement them but it looks nice and is well positioned.
  • admin February 10, 2021 Featured
  • Kev February 11, 2021 Our latest column would probably look strange, ad often its a screw pack that is added, perhaps not having latest as the first panel would be better.
  • admin February 10, 2021 Featured Categories
  • Kev February 11, 2021 No issues here.
  • Kev February 11, 2021 Laptop Trollies are discontinued so this category can go.
  • Kev February 11, 2021 Is there a way to get an email address here for our
  • Kev February 11, 2021 Can the logo be linked to go directly to our main website?
  • Kev February 11, 2021 Returns previously had a way for clients to set up RMA or Return requests, but this only every appeared in a back room location within admin. We were never notified that a request had been posted. Does the current version sort this problem out or was it an error in our setting?
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