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  • admin November 13, 2020 This is a scrolling banner area
  • admin November 13, 2020 Header Notice: This is a message that can be changed to give important information when 'x; is clicked it will close and no longer show for that person.
  • admin November 13, 2020 Drop-down menu for all product categories
  • admin November 13, 2020 Product module: You can decide what products you feature, Latest, Best Sellers and Specials are automatically added based on these elements. If you give a product a special price it will appear here, if there are no specials the tab will not display.
  • admin November 13, 2020 Journal offers different label types so I have grabbed and adjusted this element so that you can see how these can display
  • admin November 13, 2020 Blog? news items. This helps with Google as new content. You can create news items that are informative about caring for your pool/spa and link to the relevant products from your article.
  • admin November 13, 2020 Testimonial: This module is managed by you. Any letters/emails, Google or Facebook reviews can be added manually to the site, you have full control, and great for why they should buy from you.
  • Guest November 13, 2020 logo should be the logo with the ®
  • Guest November 13, 2020 logo should be the logo with the ®
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