Mockup Discussion

  • Chris June 12, 2018 position left, so the last character of the address is above the H of HOME.
  • Chris June 12, 2018 Add ,UK
  • Chris June 12, 2018 can you suggest how we can make these larger?
  • Chris June 12, 2018 when these headings are clicked, will they go to drop downs?
  • admin June 12, 2018 yes, if you click it will dropdown
  • Chris June 12, 2018 where would this go?
  • admin June 12, 2018 we can link to service page or some other page where you like to go. otherwise, we can remove this button. everything editable in the backend.
  • Chris June 12, 2018 We will respond quickly to your enquiries or technical questions
  • Chris June 12, 2018 can this information be edited through the cms?
  • admin June 12, 2018 Yes It is editable
  • Chris June 12, 2018 please note - hertford controls. also, is welcome to... fixed or editable?
  • admin June 12, 2018 editable
  • Chris June 12, 2018 can all this section be edited through cms?
  • admin June 12, 2018 yes, it is if you create new news it will appear here
  • Chris June 12, 2018 I like the background but if the colour was the same as 6, I think it will be more distinct.
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