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  • Logo January 11, 2018 Darker blue - see
  • Logo January 11, 2018 Align sub header with the H and change to Technology Sales Recruitment
  • Logo January 11, 2018 Would like to review icon options and change all icon related images on the website.
  • Logo January 11, 2018 Can we change the colour of these headings? What would it look like if they were white in colour with a faded blue background?
  • Logo January 11, 2018 Will this auto-scroll?
  • Logo January 11, 2018 Would tone this down slightly and make it darker blue
  • Logo January 11, 2018 Would tone this down and make it a darker blue.
  • Logo January 11, 2018 I've noticed since changing the straplines they overlap the 'find out more button on the mobile site. Can this be fixed to accommodate a bigger paragraph?
  • Logo January 11, 2018 General comment. Are we able to build the site so that the user is able to scroll down to each page section? Or for example if they click a heading the website doesn't load a new page, it just auto scrolls to the correct section?
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