Mockup Discussion

  • Nawaf May 10, 2017 Replace the orange with the top yellow bar color
  • Nawaf May 10, 2017 Replace orange with the top light grey shade bar
  • Nawaf May 10, 2017 Remove Orange color usage from site and either stick with light shade grey or yellow same as the top bar
  • Nawaf May 10, 2017 No need for the site current location showing here remove it please.
  • Nawaf May 10, 2017 When in a specific root category have an outline borer around the category. Light grey outline for example.
  • Nawaf May 10, 2017 Search entire store and shopping cart need to be aligned properly seems like its missing something a if used to fill up the empty space.
  • Nawaf May 10, 2017 We do not have color options on the shopping cart since none of our items have the color options.
  • Nawaf May 10, 2017 Disable the in stock and out of stock filter option.
  • Nawaf May 10, 2017 Remove Special offers, this area should be only for Information / Customer Support/ Website Policy etc...
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