OpenCart Advanced Shipping Set-up

OpenCart Shipping Module Installation

OpenCart advanced shipping set-up comes in the form of modules.

There are many modules available for OpenCart to resolve more specific requirements, it is always good to keep it simple but some parcels may be long or weighty or may require more options when shipping Internationally.

There are many to choose form, quantity shipping, Weight based shipping, formula based, category based and many more.

Two recommended options that cover most requirements are 'Advance Shipping pro' and 'Ultimate Shipping' modules.

Advanced Shipping Pro and Ultimate Shipping is a great module to take care of many of your requirements:

We are happy to discuss your requirements and install and set-up the best shipping options for you.

Integration with Third Party Shippers

For some the process of shipping is required to be more streamlined by sending order/parcel information directly to the shipper so that the parcels can be tracked both by the supplier and the customer.

We have integrated with may systems and are happy to discuss your requirements.

Word to the wise, all suppliers say that you can integrate, but they don't all have the functionality available for OpenCart or other systems, so it is then a case of having this created as bespoke functionality which can be expensive. Before signing up for a service check that they have API's or modules available for integration, even ask if they are working with anyone currently with OpenCart and see how it is going with the client.