OpenCart Services

OpenCart Services We Offer

UK OpenCart Specialists offering OpenCart ecommerce services as detailed above, as specialists we work with the system on a daily basis building websites from scratch, fixing issues for new clients and other web development companies and agencies.

OpenCart Set-up & Installation


Having problems with your OpenCart installation or looking for someone that can take care of installation and create a website for your business?

OpenCart Version Upgrades


Are you running an old version of OpenCart? Versions 1.3.x, .4.x, 1.5.x or 2.1.x and you require an upgrade to the latest or lastest compatible version?

OpenCart Support

Do you require Support or Maintenance for your OpenCart website? We regularly help companies and individuals with OpenCart development issues.

OpenCart Templates

Choosing from our range of OpenCart premium templates can reduce the initial cost of your OpenCart site development

OpenCart Custom Design

opencart-custom-designIf you are looking for an ecommerce website with your own unique design rather than a template, we can design your site for you.

OpenCart Custom Functionality

Do you require custom functionality such as a product builder or designer where you build your product by selecting options? We offer custom solutions using OpenCart to manage pricing, options etc...

Product Uploads & Integrations

Do you require the ability to update your products via a file upload? Want to update product levels daily or Real Time? Wand to integrate with Sage, Salesforce or other external software? Then give us a call.

Advanced Shipping Set-up

You might just require something slightly different such as shipping on a long parcel like a 'long bow' or you may wish to integrate with a third party shipping company, we can help

OpenCart Gateway Integration

OpenCart offers a vast choice of Payment gateways meaning that you are not tied in to just one or two giving you no flexibility in choosing what is right for your business. Find out more...

OpenCart Module Integration


There are lots of fantastic OpenCart modules available giving you lots of additional functionality for your website. We develop modules or can help to identify the right ones for you and install, set-up and test.

OpenCart Customer Retention

There are many OpenCart Customer Retention methods available to you using modules, these include marketing to potential customers that have abandoned the cart and re-marketing to customers that have purchased from you before.

OpenCart Cloud Hosting

Not only can we help you maintain and look after your website but we also offer a number of OpenCart managed cloud hosting solutions also. These have designed with OpenCart in mind and offer solutions for both the smaller website the larger site and multi-sites.