OpenCart SEO and Marketing

Once your website has launched, OpenCart SEO and Marketing your website is very important and required to succeed in this competitive environment.

Constant monitoring and improving your site based on analytics is essential and some of it you can do yourselves.

Making sure all your Meta Titles, Meta descriptions and SEO URL's are in place is key along with verifying your site and regular site map submissions to Google and Bing.

Monitoring page ranking, creating 301 redirects when you remove pages is also key to having a well ranked website.

Making sure you regularly update and write your own content not just duplicate product descriptions from suppliers.

Marketing your website both externally and on-site with, news/blog articles, social networking and on-site promotions to match and follow what you do off-site.

Working with a good SEO company is also essential in monitoring, improving and gaining valuable advise to help improve traffic and sales.

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