OpenCart Customer Retention

OpenCart Customer Retention

OpenCart Customer Retention, what is it? We spend a lot of money on getting visitors to our website, whether it be via Google and Social add campaigns or just through time and effort in blogging, social networking and organic SEO, so losing them in the sale process for no apparent reason is annoying and not marketing to existing customers is a no no!

It is much more cost effective to market to those people that are already visiting your OpenCart website and are already customers.

There are many OpenCart Customer Retention methods available to you using modules, these include marketing to potential customers that have abandoned the cart and re-marketing to customers that have purchased from you before.

Here are just a few of the OpenCart Customer Retention methods and modules available for your OpenCart website.

Google Funnel

Google Funnel allows you to see where potential customers are being lost within the checkout process, there will be a certain number of steps a customer needs to make in order to place an order and pay for your products or service. Funnels help us to see the process and steps in the process to sale giving us a visual representation of the steps taken and where these potential customers are lost in the process. Find Out More…

Abandoned Cart Modules

The potential customer has added a product to the cart, created an account and on the final payment have dipped out ‘How Annoying’. Abandoned Cart Modules allow you to see your missing sales, how many times they have done this, if you cross reference to sales you can also see if they finally made a purchase.

If they haven’t then why not? At this point you can see what they placed in the cart and send an email with links to all the products and encouraging them to come back, say within 7 days and receive a 10% discount, the module will create the code they use automatically and add the products to a templated email.

Newsletter Marketing and Modules

OK so you have customers using your OpenCart website and they have ticked the box to receive email newsletters, but you are not sending anything! Retaining and marketing to your existing customers is the cheapest way for you to market, they are already customers so you should be sending newsletters about new products, sending information about promotions which will either bring them back to your site or remind them of your site an brand.

There are modules available for systems such as Mailchimp that will automatically add the signed up email addresses to the system ready for you to send a regular email.

OpenCart Discount Codes and Promotions

OpenCart already offers the ability to create promotional discount codes that can be added to the site and entered at the checkout process or emailed to previous customers. These are £ value, Free Delivery or % discount and can be used on single products, categories or the whole site. You can set-up discounts on first purchase to encourage new customers, offers on signing up to your newsletter etc..

The basics are already available in your OpenCart website, you should use them. Other options are available using OpenCart modules.

OpenCart Product Bundles

Why not look at adding an OpenCart Bundle Module which will allow you to create a better deal for your customers by bundling a number of products together, bundling low cost high profit items will allow you to build an attractive bundle but still allow you to make good margins.

Returning Customer Offers

When you send out an order there are modules that will allow you to include an offer in an order status email which will encourage them to come back and buy within a set period.

OpenCart Customer retention is available as standard with items like reward points, codes as standard, utilise them and start marketing and you will build loyalty to your brand and return customers. As mentioned above these are just a few of the ways you can market to site visitors and existing customers through your OpenCart website.