OpenCart Custom Functionality & Module Development

Do you require custom functionality for your website? A quotation system rather than online sales, a product builder where you can build and save as a quote or sell the finished product online.

You do!! Then using OpenCart functionality we can build this functionality for you and at the same time allowing you to manage your products and options through OpenCart's admin area so you have control of options, pricing in order to display and build the price of your product.

Every requirement is different and requires several discussions and wire framing to create a website that sells to consumers. B2B or both with great functionality for users.

See some sample below.

Simple Customised Product Builder

Libby's required the ability to create a product based on its stud product, these are necklaces, bracelets and key rings that have a number of studs and watches that you can add to create your own unique item or gift.

Using OpenCart we have created the product builder so that Libby's can add product options with individual pricing and the product and price is built using this functionality and some rules.

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Instant Quote Builder

Security Direct required the ability to give an instant quote for its shutter etc.. The system uses OpenCart to take some customer information so that the site visitor can be contacted as a follow up.

All options are added and priced with new table data pricing to help to build the final quote. These elements can all be managed in-house by Security Direct.

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Security Direct Quote Builder

Sliding Wardrobe Builder

Integral required something a little more complex for its account customer, the ability to create sliding wardrobes, save as quotes and then turn these quotes to orders. As account customers the payment are invoiced so there are no payments on the site as such.

The system uses OpenCart with all options and images manageable by Integral with algorithms calculating price and based on size and door numbers available for these sizes.

The process allows you to click your options and place the panels where require in the doors so you can visualise how it will look.

Sorry no access available as account customers only.

Integral Wardrobe Builder