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Business to Business

Opencart Business to Business makes the ideal ecommerce solution for selling your products online, weather it be Fire Door products, Fire Extinguishers, widgets, Building Tools anything that your business produces, stocks and sells. Your new Opencart Business to Business shop can be built using either a premium template designed tailored for a Business to Business site and skinned to Opencart or a fully bespoke Opencart Business to Business website design.

Opencart Business to Business ecommerce offers the perfect solution for most Business to Business as it is an easy to use content management system and a host of features as standard that are ideal for retailing products from a Business to Business and allows you to cross-market and relate products, account customer login and quantity price breaks with a combination of email orders and full online payments as required.

Bespoke functionality is often required for Business to Business websites, Tristar can add additional functionality using Opencart plugins or by adding bespoke functionality such as product creation tools, or a selection process to build a product.

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