Multi-Store Pricing Module for OpenCart

Multi-Store Price OpenCart Module





Multi-store pricing module for OpenCart is a module that allows you to have different base pricing across multiple stores with as many stores as you wish and works on OpenCart 2 and above.

Add a price for each product for each additional store.

1. You can only set one price per store - the first row for each store is the one that will be stored.
2. Discounts and Specials will override the store base price as it does normally
3. Some themes do not use the standard opencart database queries for retrieving prices - Journal Ajax pricing for example - please contact us for a quote to make the required changes for your theme if required.

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Multi-Store Price OpenCart Module


Extension Name Multis-Store Prices
License Free
Developer TristarWebSolutions
Date Added 8 December 2016
Date Modified Current
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 Price  $15.00